5,000+ Classic Amiga Games on 3 Massive DVD-ROM's!

Remember when games were addictive?   Remember Deluxe-Galaga, Sensible Soccer, Megaball, Shadow Of The Beast?

This Amazingly easy to use and stunning value for money Three-DVD set lets you play thousands of true retro Amiga classics on your PC using an interactive menu that instantly gives you access to 5,000 classic Amiga games, No installation is required and each game takes just a few seconds to load.

Just insert one of the DVD's, and within minutes you could be playing your most memorable games!

Release 3.0

This list is NOT Complete, and only shows about 30%  of the game files that are actually included. Please not some games may be doubled-up. Not all games are guaranteed to work on all configurations, games are subject to variation.

This collection of Amiga games is a tribute to all the fantastic Amiga programmers and publishers of the AMIGA.

This compilation contains no games from APC&TCP or Thalion.

If you own any of the titles listed below and would like them removed - simply email : sales.amiga@eqwik.com with a request.

They are in all .adf format - more than 8gb of games!

1000ccturbo 1869 1943 20000leaguesundersea 3001 3dboxing 3dconstructionkit2 3dpool 3dtennis 3rdcourier 4dboxing 4ddriving 4getit 4x4 50greatgames 50wickedgames 5thgear 688attacksub 7tiles 7upthegame The New Zealand Story Wings of Fury a-320_airbus a10tankkiller a320usascenary a_question_of_sport aaargh! abandonedplaces abandonedplaces2 abcboxing abracadabra abyss academy accordian ackack actionfighter actionservice actionstations actout addamsfamily adrenalyn advanceddestroyersimulator advancedskisimulator advancedtacticalsimulator advantage advantagetennis adventureconstructionset adventures_of_quick_and_silva adventuresmoktar adventuresmrb adventuresrobinhood adventuresthrutime aerial africanraider afrikakorps afterburner afterburner2 afterburnerusa afterthewar age ageofrock agony airace2 airball airborneranger airbucks airbus320 airforcecommander airmania airstrikeusa airsupply airsupport airwarrior akira aladdin aladdinlamp alcatraz alfredchicken alianator alien3 alienbash alienbash2 aliendruglordsouterspace alienfires aliengenocide alienhunter alienlegion alienstorm aliensyndrome alientarget aliex alldogsgoheaven alloallo allterrainracing alphafight alphawave alteredbeast altereddestiny alternatedestiny alternatereality amazingspiderman amazonqueen amber amegas americangladiators amigakarate amiganoid amigapoker amigatetris amigatetris2 amindforevervoyaging amnios amoebastrip69 amyputt anarchy ancientartwarsky ancientbattles andromedamission annihilator anotherworld antares antheads ants apacheflight apb apidya apocalypse apprentice aquanaught aquaticgames aquaventura arabiannights arachnophobia arazoktomb arcadeclassics2 arcadefruitmachine arcadepool archermacleanspool archipelagos archon archon2 arconaut arcticfox arena arena2000 argonaut argus arkanoid arkanoid2 armada armageddonman armalyte armourgeddon armourgeddon2 armymoves arnhem arnie arnie2 arobokid arockstaratemyhamster aroundtheworldin80days arthurquestexcalibur artofchess artofgo artura artworksstrippoker2 aryavaiv asepoker ashesofempire aspargp assassin assimilation astaroth asterix asterix2 asterixoperationhinkelstein astrochase astrokid astromarinecorps atax atf2 aticatac atomic atomicrobokid atomino atrain atrainconstructionset atron attack attacticalfighter auntarticadventure autoduel av8bharrierassault avalon1 avalon2 awesome axelmagichammer b17flyingfortress baal babybug babyghost babyjoe backfuture2 backfuture3 backgammon backslash backstage bacman badcats badcompany baddudes badlands badlandspete badtongue balancepower balancepower2 baldersgrove ballgame ballisticdiplomacy ballistix balllightning balloonacy ballraiders2 balls ballyhoo bambino bananaisland banditkingancientchina banditmania banecosmicforge bang bangkokknights bankbuster banzai barbarian(psygnosis) barbarian1(palace) barbarian2(palace) barbarian2(psygnosis) bardstale bardstale2 bardstale3 bardstaleconstructionset bargames bargonattack barneybeargoestoschool barneybeargoestothefarm barneybearsanta barneybearspace barravento bartsimpson bartvsspacemutants bartvstheworld basejumpers bat bat2 batllevalley batman batmancapedcrusader batmanmovie battleashes battlebound battlebritain battlecars2 battlechess battlechess2 battlecommand battledroids battleforce battlefortheashes battlehawks battleisle battleisle2 battleisledata1 battleisledata2 battleisledata3 battlemaster battlemechanoids battleships battlesquadron battlestorm battletech battletoads battletrucks battlevalley batty bazza bckid beachvolley beam beastbusters beastlord beatit beavers bedroom beetle behindtheirongate belial beneathasteelsky benefactor bermudaproject bestofthebest betrayal betterdeadalien beverlyhillscops beyondtheicepalace beyondzork bifi2 bifisnack bigbusiness bigdeal biggamefishing bignose bigrun billelliotchallenge billiards2 billsbilliards billtedsexcellentadventure billtomatogame billyburglar biochallenge bioniccommando bionix2 biotics birdprey bitmagiccastle bivouac bizmark blackcauldron blackcrypt blackdawn blackgold blackhornet blackjackacademy blacklamp blackmagic blackshadow blacktiger blade bladesdestiny bladessteel bladewarrior blastball blaster blasteroids blazingthunder blinkyscaryschool blitzkrieg blob blockout blockshock bloodfest bloodmoney bloodnet bloodwych bloodwychdata bloodyafternoon blue&grey blueangels blueberry blueboy bluemax bluesbrothers bmxsimulator bobbydash bobmorane bobo bobsbadday bodyblows bodyblowsgalactic bojacksonbaseball bombbusters bombbuzal bomberbob bombfusion bombjack bombjack&scrabble&vectorball bombmania bombpac bonanzabros bonecruncher boomeraid bop boppin bordello borrowedtime bostonbombclub botics boulderdash boulderdash2 boulderdashconstructionset boulderdashmegacollection bouncer bouncingballs bouncingbill bowls boxingmasters brainball brainman brainscrambler brainstorm brat brataccus breach breach2 break briancloughsfootballfortune brianthelion bridedracula briderobot brigadecommander brutalpawsfury brutalsportsfootball brutalsportssoccer bubbastyx bubblebobble bubblebobble2 bubbledizzy bubbleghost bubbleghost2 bubblegun bubblesqueak buckrogers budokan buffalobill bugbash bugbomber buggyboy builderland bullinachinashop bullrun bullseye bumbnburn bumprun bumpyarcadefantasy bundesligamanager bureaucracy burningrubber burntime byteman cabal cadaver cadaverlastsupper cadaverpayoff caesar calidan californiagames californiagames2 callus camelot campaign campaign2 cannonfodder cannonfodder2 cannonfodderxmas capone captain_blood captainameríca captaincarnage captaindynamo captainfizz captainplanet captive captive2 caravan carcharodon cardiacarrest cardiax cardinalkremlin carllewischallenge carlos carmensandiegoeurope carmensandiegotime carmensandiegousa carmensandiegoworld carnage carriercommand carriercommand&virus carrun carthage cartoongame carvup cashcrisis casino casinoroulette castledrbrain castlemaster castlemasters2 castleofdrbrain castles castlevania castlewarrior catacomb catch'em cattivik cavemania caverjumprun caverunner ceasar celticlegends centerfoldsquare centurion2 centuriondefenderrome centurions century challengegolf challenger chamonix champgold championdriver championkrynn championmanageritaly95 championraj championseurope championshipathletics championshipbasketball championshipeurope championshipmanager93 championshipmanagerendseason championshiprun championshipsoccermanager chaosengine chaosengine2 chaosstrikesback chargelightbrigade charliechimp charliecool charly charriotswrath chase chasehq chasehq2 checkmate chess chesschampion chessmaster2000 chessmaster2001 chessmaster2100 chessplayer2150 chesssimulator chesssystem chicago chicago90 chinachallenge chinesechess chinesekarate chipschallenge chopdrop chronoquest chronoquest2 chubbygristle chuckieegg2 chuckrock chuckrock2 chuckyeagersflyingschool circusattractions circusgames ciscoheat citidelvras citydefense civilization classicboardgames classicinvaders cleversmart cliffhanger clikclak clockwiser cloudkingdoms clownomania clubfootballmanager clue cluedo coalahelicoptersimulation coarseangler cobra codenameiceman cohort2 cokamiga colditz collosuschess colonelbequest colonialconquest colonization colony colorado coloris columbus combatairpatrol combine comboracer comp4 computerscrabbledeluxe conan conbat conflict conflicteurope conflictinkorea conflictmiddleeast conqueror conquest conquestcamelot conquestofjapan contact continentalcircus contraptionzack coolcroctwins coolspot coolworld corporateraiders corporation corruption corsarios corx cosmicconquest cosmicranger cosmicspaceheads cougarforce countduckula countduckula2 courthouse covergirlsstrippoker covertaction crack crackpay crapsacademy crashburn crashgaret crashlanding crashtestdummies crazycars crazycars2 crazycars3 crazycones crazyseason crazyshoot crazysue crazysue2 creatures creepy creepycrawlies cricketcaptain cricketmasters crillion crimecity crimedoesntpay crimetime crimewave crossbow crosslongbow crosswordconstructionset crownardania cruiseforacorpse crusade crystala crystaldragon crystalhammer crystalkingdomdizzy crystalquest crystalsarborea cubex cubix cubulus curseazurebonds cursedragon curseenchantia curseofra custodian cutesy cyberassault cyberball cyberblast cybercon3 cybercop cyberempire cybergammon cyberkick cybernetix cybernoid cybernoid2 cyberpolice cycles cytron dalekattack daleythompshonchallenge damage damocles damoclesdata dandare3 dangercastle dangerfreak darius darkcastle darkcentury darkman darkmere darkqueenkrynn darkseed darkside darkspyre darts dasboot daserbe daserbe2 datastorm dayoftheviper daysthunder dday deadbreath death deathboots deathbringerswordabadon deathknightskrynn deathmask deathsword decton deepcore defcon5 defender defender2 defenderscrown defendersearth deflektor dejavu dejavu2 deliverance deltarun deluxepacman demonblue demoniak demonstomb demonwinter denaris dennismenace derclou desertstrike designasaurus detector detonator detroit deuteros dgeneration diabolik diamonds dicktracy diehard2 diekathedral diesiedler dimosquest dinowars diplomacy3 disc discovery disposablehero distantarmies dithellswonderland ditris dizzycollection dizzycrystal dizzydiamonds dnawarrior dogfight dogswar dojodan dominium donkeykong donksamuraiduck doodlebug doody doofus doom doubledragon doubledragon2 doubledragon3 doubledribble dracula dragonbreath dragonbreed dragoncave dragoncurse dragonfighter dragonforce dragonninja dragonscape dragonslair dragonslair2 dragonslairsingecastle dragonslairtimewarp dragonslayer dragonsofflame dragonspirit dragonstone dragonstrike dragonwars drakkhen drbrain drdoomrevenge dreadnoughts&dd dreamweb dreamzone drfruit driller drip drivinforce drmario drol drplumits druid druid2 drwho ducktales ducktalesquestgold dune dune2 dungeondelver dungeonflipper dungeonhero dungeonmaster dungeonquest dungeonsavalon dungeonsavalon2 dylandog dynablaster dynamitedux dynamitewarriors2 dynamo dynastywars dynastywars2 dyno dyter e-swat eaglenest eagles eaglesrider earlweaverbaseball eastvswestberlin eboneystar eccophantoms eco eddduck eddduck2 eggmania egyptianrun einmalkanzlersein eishockeymanager electronicforce elephantantics elevation elf elfmania eliminator elite elite2 elvira elvira2 elviraarcadegame elviramistressofthedark embryo emeraldhead emeraldmine emeraldmines emeraldmines4 emeticskimmer emlynhughesarcadequiz emlynhughessoccer emmanuelle emotion emperormines empire empiresoccer empirestrikesback emylnhughesfootball enchanter encounter energie energie_manager enforcer englandchampionship englishchampion englishsoccer enigma enigmaproject enlightenmentlostsouls entity epic epsilon9 erik escapecolditz escapefromplanetrobotmonsters escapeplanetrobots escapetharkan eskimogames espanagames espionage eswat etsrugby europeanchampions europeanchampionship europeanfootball europeanfootballchamp europeansoccerchallenge europeansoccerleague europeanspacesimulator europeansuperleague eurosoccer evildawn evilgarden evolutioncryser excalibur executioner exile exodus exolon explodingfist extase extensor exterminator extremeviolence eye eyebeholder eyebeholder2 eyehorus eyestorm f117 f15 f16combatpilot f18interceptor f19stealthfighter f1challenge f1tornado f2 f29retaliator f40pursuitsimulator faceoff facestris faerytale falcon falcon2 falconmissiondisks fallenangel famousfive fantasticdizzy fantasticdizzy2 fantasticvoyage fantasy fantasyflyer fantasyforce fantasyworlddizzy fascination fastbreak fasteddiepool fastfood fastlane fatalheritage fategatesdawn fatman faxen federation federationfreetraders federationquest femmalfatal fernandezmustdie fernguly ferrari ferrariformulaone feud feudallords fieldsglory fiendishfreddy fifasoccer fighterbomber fightercommand fighterduel fighterduelpro fightingforrome fightingrome fightingsoccer fightingspirit fightingwarriors finalassault finalbattle finalblow finalcommand finalconflict finalconquest finalcountdown finalday finalfight finalmission finaltrip finalwhistle fireandice fireblaster firebrigade firebrimstone fireforce fireforget fireforget2 firehawk fireicechristmasedition firepower fireteam2200 firezone first_samurai firstclassboulderdash firstcontact firstpersonpinball firstsamurai fish fistfighter flashback flies flightintruder flightoftheamazonqueen flightsimulator2 flimbosquest flintstones flipit flippflopp flood floor13 floppydisks flyfighter flyhard flyingshark foft foolserrand footballchamp footballclubmanager footballdirector2 footballglory footballmasters footballmasterseditor footballmasterspro footballtactician footballtactician2 footman forgetit forgottenworlds formula1 formulaone3d formulaonechallenge formulaonegrandprix formulaonegrandprixchallenge formulaonegrandprixcircuits fortapache fortressunderground foundationswaste fourcrystalsoftrazere fourthandinches fractions frankenstein franticfreddie freak freakyfuzzballs freddymanhattan frenetic frightnight frogger frontier frontline frontsider frostbyte fruitmania fullcontact fullmetalplanet funtunnel furyofthefurries fusion futurebasket futurebike futureclassics futurecombat futureshock futuresport futuretank futurewars fuzzball gadgetlosttime gainforce galacticconqueror galacticconquest galacticempire galacticinvasion galacticwarriorrats galaga galaxo galaxy galaxy89 galaxyblast galaxyflight galaxyforce2 galileo gameboys gamessummeredition gameswinteredition ganymed garfieldhairydeal garfieldwintertail garrison garrison2 garylinikershotshots gatetofreedom gatewaysavagefrontier gauntlet gauntlet2 gauntlet3 gauntlet3d gazza2 gazzasupersoccer gbachamp gearworks geebeeairrally geisha geminiwings gemstonelegend gemx gemz genesia genesis genghiskhan getawaykelly2 gettysburg gflchampionshipfootball ghostbusters ghostbusters2 ghostsgoblins ghoulsghosts gianasisters giddy giganoid giger gilbert globalconflict globaleffects globalgladiators globaltrash globdule globetrotters gloom gnius gnome gnomealone gnomeranger goal gobbler gobliins gobliins2 goblins3 godfather gods goldamericas goldaztecs goldenaxe goldeneagle goldenoldies goldenpath goldenpyramid goldhunt goldoftheaztecs goldrealm goldrunner goldrunner2 goldrush goliath gonefishing gordiantomb gorf gotcha grandmonsterslam grandnational grandprix500 grandprixcircuit grandprixcycles grandslamtennis gravityforce gravityforce2 gravitypower greatcourts greatcourts2 greatgianasisters gremlins gremlins2 greyslayer gridiron gridrunner gridstart grimblood growth gtrally guardian guerrillabolivia guildthieves gunboat gunship gunship2000 gunshoot guyspy gwt hacker2 hagarviking halleyproject hammerboy hammerfist hanniballcanniball hanse hard_'n'_heavy hardball hardball2 harddrivin harddriving2 hardnova hareraisinghavoc harlequin harleydavidson harpoon harricana hauntedmines hawkeye headcoach headoverheels heartchina heartdragon heatwave heavymetal heimdall heimdall2 helicopter helicoptermission hellfire hellraider hellraiser hellrun helterskelter heroeslance heroesofthelance heroquest heroquest2 heroquestexpansion heroturtles hexuma highoctane highsteel highwayhawks highwaypatrol highwaypatrol2 hillsfar hillstreetblues hiredguns historyline hitchhikersguidegalaxy hockey hockeyleaguesimulator hockeymanager hoi holeinone holidaymaker hollwoodhijinx hollywoodpoker hollywoodpoker2 hollywoodpokergirls hollywoodpokerpro hollywoodstrippoker holosquash homealone hondasimulator hongkongphooey hook horrorzombies hostages hotball hoteldetective hotelmanager hotrod hotrod2 hotrubber hotshot houndshadows houseflux hoverforce hoversprint howzat hoyle hoylesbookgames huckleburyhound hudsonhawk hugo hugo2 hugo3 humankillingmachine humans hunter huntredoctober hurricanecommander hybris hydra hyperbook hyperdrome hyperforce hyperion hypnoticlands ianboham'scricket iceball icecrack icehockey icerunner ijfateofatlantis ijlastcrusade ikariwarriors iludicrus immortal impact imperium impossablemission impossamole impossiblemission impossiblemission2 in80daysaroundworld inbeginning incrediblecrashdummies incrediblesphere indianajones3arcade indianapolis500 indianmission indoorsports indyheat infestation infidel infocomlosttreasures innerdemons innocentuntillcaught insanityfight insectsspace inspectorgriffu intact intense interchange international3dtennis international_karate+ internationalarcadeaction internationalathletics internationalchampionshipwrestling internationalgolf internationalicehockey internationalkarate internationalninjarabbit internationalsoccerchallenge internationalsportschallenge internationaltennis internationaltruckracing interphase intoeaglesnest intrepid intruderalert invadercraft invasion invest iridium iridon ironlord irontracker ishar ishar2 ishido islandlosthope islandoflosthope italy90 itcamefromdesert itcamefromdesert2 itscricket ivanhoe ivanironmansoffroadracer iwascannibalfbi jabato jacknicklausextracoursedisk jacknicklausgolf2 jacknicklausgolfusopen jackniclausunlimitedgolf jaguarxj220 jahangrikhansquash jailbreak jamespond jamespond2 jamespond3 jaratava jaws jet jetinstrumenttrainer jetman jetsetwilly jetsimulator jetsons jetstrike jewelsdarkness jigsaw jigsawmania jimmywhitesnooker jimpower jinks jinxter joanarc jockywilsonsdarts joe&mac joeblade joeblade2 johnbarnesfootball johnfreedom johnlowesultimatedarts johnmadenfootball jokerpoker jorney journeycentreearth judgedread jug jumpingjackson jumpingjim jumpjet jumpmanjunior jumprun junglebook junglestrike jupitermasterdrive jurassicpark k240 kaiser kaiser2 kamikaze kamperuppe karamalz karate karatechamp karatekid2 karateking kartinggrandprix katakis katiesfarm keefthief kellyx kennedyapproach kennydalglishsoccer keysmaramon kgb khalaan kickboxing kickoff kickoff2 kickoff2extratime kickoff2finalwhistle kickoff2returneurope kickoff3 kickstart2 kidchaos kidgloves kidgloves2 kidpix kidpool kikugi killerball killingclouds killinggameshow killingmachine killjoy kingbarbarians kingchicago kingdomsengland kingkarate 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lemmingsnewyear lemmingsxmas lethalweapon lethalzone liberator licensekill life&death lightcorridor links littlecomputerpeople liveletdie llamatron locomotion logical lombardrally loom loopz lordrings lordschaos lordsdoom lordsrisingsun lordstime lordswar lostdutchmanmine lostpatrol lostvikings lotusturbosprit lotusturbosprit2 lotusturbosprit3 lupoalberto lureofthetemptress lurkinghorror lybiansspace nam1965-1975 napoleon narc narcopolice nascarracing nathannever naughtyones navymoves navyseals nebulus nebulus2 necronom neighbours netherworld neuromancer neverendingstory neverendingstory2 nevermind newyearlemmings newyorkwarriors newzealandstory nextgenerationtriviachallenge nickfaldosgolf nickyboom nickyboom2 nigelmansellgrandprix night_breed_interactive_movie nightbreed nightdawn nighthunters nightshift ninja ninjamission ninjarabbits ninjaremix ninjaspirit ninjawarriors nippervsthecat nipponsafes nitro nitroracers noddy nogreaterglory nordbert norris northandsouth nova9 nuclearwar omega omnicronconspiracy omniplaybasketball omniplayhorseracing omniplaystableowners onballworldcup oneonone onestepbeyond onetoone onslaught ontheball ooops-up ooze operationhinkelstein operationstealth operationthunderbolt operationwolf orbitus orientalgames ork orkattack oscar outpost outrun outruneuropa overdrive overlander overnet overrun overthenet oxyd p47thunderbolt pacificisland pacland pacman87 pacmania paladin paladin2 pandora pang panzabattles panzakickboxing paperboy paperboy2 parach paradroid2 paradroid90 parasolstars paris partygames passingshot patrician pawn pbfootball peebee pegasus pengo penthousehotnumbers pepsi perfectgeneral perihelion persiangulfinferno personalnightmare peterbeardsleyfootball pgatourgolf phalanx phalanx2 phantasie phantasie3 pharaoh phobia pinballdreams pinballfantasy pinballwizard pinkpanther pioneerplage pipedream pipeline pipemania piracy piracyonthehighseas pirates pitfighter pizzaconnection plan9outerspace planetlust plaque platoon platou 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roadwar2000 roadwareuropa roadwars robbery robinhood robinhood2 robinsonsrequiem robocod robocop robocop2 robocop3 robosports robozone rocketranger rockfabrik rockford rockroll rockstaratehamster rodland rogerrabbit rogue roguetrooper rollingronny rollingthunder rollout romancethreekingdoms romead92 rotator rotor rotox rtype rtype2 rubicon ruffntumble rugbyworldcup rungauntlet rvfhonda sabre safarihunt samuraithewayofthewarrior santachristmascaper sarakon sarcophaser savage scapeghost scifi scorchedtanks scorpion scrabble screamingwings sdi searchfortheking secondsamurai secondsout secretofmonkeyisland secretofmonkeyisland2 secretsilverblades seekdestroy sensiblegolf sensibleworldsoccer sentinel settlers seuck sevencitiesgold sexolympics sexy shadowbeast shadowbeast2 shadowbeast3 shadowdancer shadowfighter shadowgate shadowlands shadoworld shadowsorcerer shanghai shefox sherlockholmescrownjewels shermanm4 shinobi shockwave shogun shoot'emup shufflepuckcafe sideshow sidewinder 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tigerroad tilt time timeandmagiktrilogy timebandit timelock timemachine timescanner timesoflore timetale tintinmoon tinytroops tipoff tiptrick titusfox tma tntwrestling toki tomjerry toobin topbanana topgear2 topsyturvy torch torvakwarrior totalcarnage totaleclipse totalrecall touchdown touringcarracer towerbabel toyotacelicagtrally tracon2 traders trainedassasin transarctica transplant transworld trapstreasures treasureislanddizzy treasuresavagefrontier trickyquickygames trivialpersuit2 trivialpursuit troddlers trolls tron trumpcastle tunnelsarmageddon turbo turbocupchallenge turbooutrun turnit turnit2 turrican turrican2 turrican3 tusker tvsportsbaseball tvsportsbasketball tvsportsboxing tvsportsfootball twilightzone twintris twinworld twoontwo typhoon typhoonthompson tyrian ugh ultima2 ultima3 ultima4 ultimategolf ultimatemilitarysimulator ultimatepinballquest underpressure uninvited universalwarrior unreal valdgirsword valhalla valhalla3 vampiresempire vaxine vectorball vektorstorm vengeanceofexcalibur venowings venusflytrap vermeer veteran vikings vindicators violator virocop virus vixen viz volfied volleyballsimulator voodoo vortex voyager voyagesdiscovery vroom vroomdatadisk vyper vyrus wizball wizkid wiznliz wobblerdiamondfever wolfchild wolfpack wonderboy wonderland woodyworld worldchampionshipsoccer worldchampionshipsquash worldclassboxingmanager worldclasscricket worldclassleaderboardgolf worldclasssquash worldcup1990 worldgames worldsoccer worldtrophysoccer worms wrathdemon wreckers wwf wwfeuropeanrampagetour x-ploit xenomorph xenon xenon2 xenophobe xerion xor xorron2001 xout xr35 xybob xyborg xybots yojoe yuppiesrevenge zakmccracken zanygolf zaratustra zaxxon zeewolf zeewolf2 zeron zombi zombie zonewarriors zool zool2 zoom zorkzero zout zynaps

This list is NOT Complete, and only shows about 30%  of the game files that are actually included. Please note some games may be doubled-up. Not all games are guaranteed to work on all configurations, games are subject to variation.

Artwork may differ

Artwork may differ

The Amiga was and still is one of the best home computers around today.

This Amazing DVD actually lets you play original   Amiga software on your PC, Mac or even Amiga.

Simply insert the DVD and within no time you'll be running Amiga Software on your PC .  

The DVD includes all you need to get going, including licenced Amiga KICK.ROM files, and no less than 5000 classic Amiga games like X-Out, Battle Squadron, Katakis, Supercars and Turrican.

Extreme-Amiga ClassiX DVD Boxset is undeniably the most complete collection of Amiga games your will ever find!  With the best selection of classic Amiga software titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish DVD box with full colour covers and inserts. Why spend many months trying to download a heap of Amiga games when for one low price you'll get a full multi-format DVD to use on your home computer, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to run direct from the CD...

Actual Screen Grab

 Over 10 Gigabytes of Classic Amiga Games!

Extreme-Amiga ClassiX is undeniably the largest and best collection of Classic Amiga Games available anywhere! This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish triple DVD box with full colour covers and inserts. Why spend months downloading addictive retro games when for one low price you'll get three full DVD-ROM's that you can use on your home computer immediately!



The Extreme-Amiga Classic Games Collection is undeniably the best value Amiga Hits Series available with the best selection of classic Amiga game titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish triple DVD box with full colour covers and on-cd user manual. Why spend months trying to download a heap of rom files when for one low price (less than a penny a game) you'll get three full multi-format DVD's to use on your PC, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to go.... 

Actual Couble CD Set in DVD Packaging - NEW VERSION!

 5,000 TOP GAMES 

  • Shoot'em Ups
  • Adventures
  • Arcade
  • Action
  • and more
Based on the hugely popular Amiga ClassiX Trilogy, Extreme-Amiga ClassiX, takes retro gaming into the next stage, with 3 packed DVD-ROM's featuring ALL your favourite full games.  All accessible at a click of a mouse. And all ready to run direct from the disc with minimal fuss. Some games may not be suitable for children.

Installation could not be simpler, the main emulator can either be run direct off the first CD or you can easily install it onto your harddrive. Once running simply choose a game or application from the list and click RUN. There really is not much more to it!

Exteme-Amiga ClassiX works on all 32bit versions of Windows, Real Amiga's aswell as Apple Mac based systems.  With the Amiga-PC Network Kit you can even transfer the .ADF files back to your real Amiga and play them on there. It's easy... Click here for more information.  "Extreme-Amiga Classics is such superb value-for-money!  Less that a penny a game!"   Tim. B.Taylor, London

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP - Amiga - Mac - Linux and more.

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