5,000+ Classic Amiga Games on 3 Massive DVD-ROM's!

Remember when games were addictive?   Remember Deluxe-Galaga, Sensible Soccer, Megaball, Shadow Of The Beast?

This Amazingly easy to use and stunning value for money Three-DVD set lets you play thousands of true retro Amiga classics on your PC using an interactive menu that instantly gives you access to 5,000 classic Amiga games, No installation is required and each game takes just a few seconds to load.

Just insert one of the DVD's, and within minutes you could be playing your most memorable games!

Artwork may differ

Artwork may differ

The Amiga was and still is one of the best home computers around today.

This Amazing DVD actually lets you play original   Amiga software on your PC, Mac or even Amiga.

Simply insert the DVD and within no time you'll be running Amiga Software on your PC .  

The DVD includes all you need to get going, including licenced Amiga KICK.ROM files, and no less than 5000 classic Amiga games like X-Out, Battle Squadron, Katakis, Supercars and Turrican.

The Ultimate Tribute to Amiga Developers!

Extreme-Amiga ClassiX DVD Boxset is undeniably the most complete collection of Amiga games your will ever find!  With the best selection of classic Amiga software titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish DVD box with full colour covers and inserts. Why spend many months trying to download a heap of Amiga games when for one low price you'll get a full multi-format DVD to use on your home computer, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to run direct from the CD...

Actual Screen Grab

 Over 10 Gigabytes of Classic Amiga Games!

STUNNING!! DOUBLE DVD-ROM SET - requires Computer with DVD Drive. Click Here to Order by Credit-Card as see more titles!

Extreme-Amiga ClassiX is undeniably the largest and best collection of Classic Amiga Games available anywhere! This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish triple DVD box with full colour covers and inserts. Why spend months downloading addictive retro games when for one low price you'll get three full DVD-ROM's that you can use on your home computer immediately!

Order now in £££ or US$$$

Mega Demo's
Classic Titles
Amiga Music

Just a few of the 5,000 Games!


The Extreme-Amiga Classic Games Collection is undeniably the best value Amiga Hits Series available with the best selection of classic Amiga game titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish triple DVD box with full colour covers and on-cd user manual. Why spend months trying to download a heap of rom files when for one low price (less than a penny a game) you'll get three full multi-format DVD's to use on your PC, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to go.... 

Actual Couble CD Set in DVD Packaging - NEW VERSION!

 5,000 TOP GAMES 

  • Shoot'em Ups
  • Adventures
  • Arcade
  • Action
  • and more
Based on the hugely popular Amiga ClassiX Trilogy, Extreme-Amiga ClassiX, takes retro gaming into the next stage, with 3 packed DVD-ROM's featuring ALL your favourite full games.  All accessible at a click of a mouse. And all ready to run direct from the disc with minimal fuss. Some games may not be suitable for children.

Installation could not be simpler, the main emulator can either be run direct off the first CD or you can easily install it onto your harddrive. Once running simply choose a game or application from the list and click RUN. There really is not much more to it!

Exteme-Amiga ClassiX works on all 32bit versions of Windows, Real Amiga's aswell as Apple Mac based systems.  With the Amiga-PC Network Kit you can even transfer the .ADF files back to your real Amiga and play them on there. It's easy... Click here for more information.  "Extreme-Amiga Classics is such superb value-for-money!  Less that a penny a game!"   Tim. B.Taylor, London

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP - Amiga - Mac - Linux and more.

Order Information - ORDER ONLINE NOW!!! Technical Information & Compatability hUGE LIST OF JUST SOME OF THE FEATURED GAMES! Arcade Games Screen Grabs

Payments Accepted by Visa, Solo, Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, Palpay or Nochex
All orders are dispatched via 1st class mail to any location around the World, FREE!


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