The Most Popular Types of Slot Games

The gambling and casino industry has changed remarkably over the decades, especially thanks to advances in technology which has resulted in slot machines becoming the most profitable features within online casinos. As they are so integral to online casino profits, most casinos focus largely on the development of slot games, resulting in a huge variety of slots available for players to enjoy. Just take a look at a popular online casino’s games catalogue – such as that of – you’ll be amazed at the varieties of games on offer. The online casino and gambling industry is under constant development, and so we now have a glimpse into what future online slots might have in store for us, and it’s incredibly exciting. Technological advancements often occur so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up, even for regular online gamblers, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between various types of online slots. So, here we are with a handy guide to some of the most popular casino slot types, to help you choose your next favourite slot game!

Firstly, online slots can be divided into four categories which are the most popular to play: classic slots, video slots, mega spin slots and progressive jackpot slots. Keep reading as we explore these categories in more depth.

Retro Slot Games

Classic slots have one clear aim: to emulate the traditional and old-fashioned fruit machines of years gone by. They take on most of the original features and provide a wonderful sense of nostalgia for players. They are also the ideal choice for new players, thanks to their simplicity. They still have a variety of features, for example, numbers of paylines, reels and symbols, but as a general rule, classic slots feature simple fruit symbols and lucky number sevens, perhaps some playing card symbols too. Most often, the classic slot machine will have 3 reels and a small number of paylines in relation to alternative slots.

Fruit machines and classic slots are incredibly easy to play; to win, just land a winning combination of symbols on one payline. Some of them might be slightly more developed and feature an exciting, modern twist such as Fruit Zen by BetSoft.

Video Slots

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that as of 2020, video slots are by far the most popular type of online slot game. Video slots is such a broad term and under its umbrella you can find a slot game for everyone. Regardless of your interests, hobbies, book, tv and film preferences, you’ll find a video slot for you. There is an incredible range of themes out there. Generally speaking, video slots have 5 reels and can feature anything between 9 and 1000+ paylines, thanks to their impressive dynamism.

You can easily distinguish a video slot from any other type of slot game, as a video casino slot often features fantastic graphics and animations, and additional symbols, possibly in addition to some traditional symbols such as playing card icons. The additional symbols will often be related to the game’s theme, and these are often higher paying icons. To add to the atmosphere, there will probably be a themed soundtrack to accompany the game which creates a further immersive experience. With this is mind, it’s easy to see why they are a hugely popular type of slot game!

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Mega Spin Slots

If you’re looking to crank things up a level, look out for mega spin slots – but they aren’t for the faint-hearted! These slots enable players to play anything from three to nine games all at once; so you could be playing 45 simultaneous reels. If you’re looking to hit the jackpot, this is fantastic news as you’ll have a higher chance of winning. The games are often made up of 3 reel slots that are spun simultaneously once a bet has been placed.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of slot game is increasing in popularity, especially with players who are in it to win big. The jackpots linked to progressive slots can be enormous and completely life-changing. Progressive jackpot slots are often linked to a wider network of slots which all have a collective jackpot which can be won by anybody playing a game within that network. Every time a player spins the reels, a percentage of their wager is added to the big jackpot pot, which is why you’ll observe the grand prize increasing as you play. If there are many playing, expect the jackpot to be huge! There are many popular progressive jackpot slots out there; Mega Moolah is just one example and has some of the largest jackpots on record.            

There are different types of jackpots to be won while playing online slots. Some are progressive, including proprietary progressive and standalone progressive.

Standalone progressive jackpots can be won on a single slot game only and the jackpot is slowly accumulated (though impressive heights can still be reached!). Proprietary progressive jackpots are shared with one online casino only and therefore the chances of a win are significantly higher, but of course, the jackpots are generally not as large.

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The Future of Slot Games

We’ve learned about the four current most popular slot types, but which will be the most popular in the future? With the launches of 3D slots and virtual reality, it feels like we have had a glimpse into the future of slots already, with some modern casinos offering 3D games and VR titles. We’ve no doubts that technology is going to transform our favourite slots and take them to new heights of futuristic development, but we’re also sure that classic slots and video slots will remain popular as ever – probably even more loved as technology makes them more immersive and innovative than ever before.